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How to Start Keeping Bees, Guideline 3

Bees are responsible for about eighty percent of the pollination process needed for plants to produce their fruit and fertile seed. Actually, if all the bees were gone we would have a world food crisis. Although many people make a living from honey bees, the majority of beehives are kept by hobbyists. Even as a hobbyist beekeeper, it is important to gather information about the keeping of bees for your region. This is important not only for your safety but also for the bees.

The population of bees is very important to every nation on planet earth and they are a valuable asset as they pollinate many valuable crops.

Most if not all nations will have a national beekeepers association governing and watching over the honey Bee population. Their main concern is the control of Bee diseases, Bee pests and viruses that attack the beehive and to keep you up to date on national policies concerning beekeeping.

They will control the use and type of antibiotics and whether they should be used. Bee colonies are vulnerable to disease because they live in an environment through which infections could spread rapidly. Your national beekeepers association will keep you informed on what you should do to combat such diseases and it may be mandatory for you to join them?

You may also have a local beekeeping association which may not be compulsory to join. Your local beekeeping associations will help with the practical side of beekeeping. They would be more than willing to help you with your beekeeping. Education regarding honey bees and beekeeping is important and your local beekeeping association is a safe and friendly place to learn. Many secrets are shared at these meetings and lifelong friendships are made. They usually include field events were the education is in the form of hands on training.

To sum up honey bees are of national importance and you would be wise to take your national policy and beekeeping regulations seriously. Keeping bees and taking care of them would be your way of protecting them and ensuring the continuation of Bee quantities. With your beehives you are contributing to the overall global pollination process. Avoiding the use of pesticides and poisons will ensure their safety. Prevention is better than cure. They feed us as, we take care of them and our reward is sweet.

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